Now You Have One More Reason To Buy Killzone 3

Perhaps you want to get more use out of that 3D television or your PlayStation Move controller. Perhaps you simply just like the Killzone series. Or perhaps you want to play SOCOM 4 before it's released.

Adding to the list of reasons one would want Killzone 3, the game will serve as a PlayStation 3 owner's ticket into the system's next big exclusive shooter, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. Killzone 3 arrives February 22, with SOCOM slated to hit sometime in April, giving you plenty of time to wrap up the latest Helghast shootfest.


And while bonus beta access is a great thing, the Killzone 3 box art may be getting a little out of control. Surely there's a more elegant way to display all this game has to offer in fewer logos and badges, right?

What say you, Kotaku readers with a flair for graphic design? Can someone take on a bonus PhotoShop challenge and give that Killzone 3 artwork more room to shine?

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