Now U2 Wants To Be In A Video Game

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With the music business falling apart, musicians are hoping to get their cut of the music game pie — even The Beatles have their own Rock Band title! Now, it looks like Irish rockers U2 want in, too.


U2 hasn't lent their likeness to games, and from what bassist Adam Clayton tells USA Today, it sounds like the group has turned down offers. Here's Clayton on the odds of U2 in a music game:

We definitely would like to be in there, but we felt some of the compromises weren't what we wanted. That could change. I love the idea that that's where people are getting music, and we'd love to be in that world. We'll figure something out. What The Beatles have done, where the animation is much more representative of them, is what we're interested in, rather than the one-size-fits-all animation. We didn't want to be caricatured.


And they probably don't want to be marionettes like that poor sod Kurt Cobain. But U2: Rock Band? That they might be interested in.

U2: 'We definitely would like to be' in video game [USA Today Thanks, Quipp!] [Pic]

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So is all the media agreed that the music business is in the craphole despite the profits the record companies make?

Every Kotaku article on bands and rockband/guitar hero starts with it and I hear it in other media streams now. So much so that what probably started out as a joke may well become the accepted truth to joe public. "Everyones saying it so it must be true" and that can only be a bad thing.

Can you change it to:

"With more artists looking at ways to make money as the criminal record companies continue to pay them fuck all for the efforts"...

It conveys the same message about why the artists are doing it, but doesn't make the record industry out to be victims. Remember the record labels are a convicted cartel in the US and have a case pending in the EU.

Apologies for the rant, it's just bugging me how much I see that opening sentence at the moment.