'Twitch Plays The Legend of Zelda' Is a Study in Frustration

Video gaming's biggest craze of 2014 appears to be the "Twitch Plays" phenomenon, which hit a couple of weeks ago with Pokémon, then grazed Tetris and now has moved to something much more complex: The Legend of Zelda. Watch it streaming on the jump.

If you're skeptical this can actually work, join the club. So far it's a lot of standing around in the first dungeon and getting hit by a Stalfos. Link has infinite health and bombs, so that should help. But no start button?


"The first four dungeons should be beatable without anything but bombs," reasons host Zach Gerlock. "If we somehow get further than that I will have to manually switch items when needed, which fortunately is only a handful of times." He has a more detailed explanation of how this should all work at this link.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysWhatev on www.twitch.tv

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