Now, Plain Zero!

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Now that we're all back from the whirlwind that was GDC 2011, the nightly open thread can resume its regular programming. This is where we talk about things like The Running Man or what we had for lunch or what music we're listening to, should you just be joining us.


So, speaking of the Running Man, it was among the movies Arnold Schwarzenegger—back as an actor again—said is a potential target for a remake. And I'm kind of OK with that. At least, certainly more so than more Predator or Terminator movies, that is, especially if a remake is being considered.

Granted, it will be hard to come within spitting distance of the personalities of Arnold, Jesse Ventura and Richard Dawson, but Running Man is good fodder. I'd like to see it explored.


Anyway, talk amongst yourselves about Arnold movies or any of the following.

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So can anyone give me a definition on the word hipster? Because I've seen it used so many times with very little meaning.