Nothing Says 'Welcome' Like a Pitfall! Croc

Illustration for article titled Nothing Says Welcome Like a emPitfall!/em Croc

Bill collectors, petition gatherers, creepy neighbors, cheerful-looking people who want to talk to you about your relationship with God, tell them all it's safe to cross into your home when this Pitfall! croc shuts his mouth.


This rubber welcome mat runs $50 from gadget house Meninos. They also sell a black-and-white one featuring the Pitfall! scorpion. Much more creative, and less antisocial, than the good old "GO AWAY" doormat.

Pitfall Crocodile and Scorpion Doormats Encourage Guests NOT to Wipe Their Feet [Craziest Gadgets via Destructoid]

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Michael Dukakis

I think it would look better in front of a gator a staircase.