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Not to be Undersold, Another Florida Games Store Lists Itself on eBay

Illustration for article titled Not to be Undersold, Another Florida Games Store Lists Itself on eBay

Three weeks ago, a Florida man listed his independent video game store, plus a ton of real estate and vehicles, for sale on eBay in a $3.5 million package deal. Another video game store two hours up the road has decided to undercut him, selling everything in its chain for $2.6 million.


My spidey-sense tells me there's probably never been a worse time to get into retail video game sales in the state of Florida, but if you have the cash or the financing, Gamers HQ is selling. The owner says the store has been in the black since it opened in 2008 and that you can make $4,180 a month in income from it. That's an annual income of ... $50,000? Did I miss something?


What's notable is the tone of the Gamers HQ listing, which seems to take direct aim at 29-year-old Shane Butcher's offer of his "entire life" for $3.5 million, which includes his three-store franchise R U Game, plus other property and three kayaks. It has not yet been sold, probably because buying a whole bunch of stuff that requires titles and registrations and deeds and such, off of eBay, is a pretty stupid idea. But if you have the jing, the Gamers HQ dudes are promising 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. At least it's not another Child's Play whitewashing.

Used Game Retailer Auctioning Off Business For $2.6 Million on eBay []

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Yeah... I've been to both of these stores. R U Game is by far the better store. I've never found anything I've wanted at Gamers' HQ. I've always been kinda disappointed with their selection. Plus, I asked for them to hold something for me, and it was sold in the 10 minutes between the call and when I arrived at the store. I was pissed.

Granted, they do seem to have a bunch of people come in to play Street Fighter. So maybe that's a plus. But another store in the area hosts more tournaments with more regularity.