Not Even Cinema Sins Can Resist The Power Of Groot

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In the midst of tearing apart Guardians of the Galaxy for its regular "Everything Wrong With" series, Cinema Sins discovers why none of the movies' obvious issues really mattered. He is Groot.


I've watched the movie a dozen times since it came out on Blu-ray, and while it's mainly become a pleasant way to put my children to sleep, the moment when Groot takes out an entire corridor filled with bad guys and then grins into the camera gets me every damn time.

Between this movie and The Iron Giant I'm convinced a CD of Vin Diesel reading the phone book in his rumbly monster voice would sell millions.

As for the nitpicking, allow me to nitpick the nitpicking — everyone had spare spheres on them, it was part of the plan. So there.

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Wow so Cinema Sins & Honest Trailers have trouble finding bad things about Gaurdians?

truly a cult classic.