Take F1, for example. While Kotaku was wowed with WipeOut on the PS Vita, Codemaster's racing effort leaves a lot to be desired.

The game's trailer showed jaggy F1 race cars. Today, it was revealed that the game will also be heading to the Nintendo 3DS on Dec. 22—days after its Vita launch.


F1 looks bad for a Vita game. It looks bad for a 3DS game. Heck, it even looks bad for an iPhone game. It is a work in progress, but there's so much work left to be done if this game's going to progress.

With a little more elbow grease, PS Vita games can shine. Same's true for 3DS and iPhone games.

F1 is one of twenty six PS Vita launch titles for Japan.


「F1 2011」の3DS版は12月22日に発売決定。 [4Gamer.net]

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