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North Korea Will Be Ruled by a Manga-Reading Gamer

Illustration for article titled North Korea Will Be Ruled by a Manga-Reading Gamer

Kim Jong-il passed away this week—something almost predicted by Homefront, a video game. The question now is: what's next? Rather, who.


Kim Jong-un, who also appeared in Homefront, will be the dictator's successor. Not much is known about Kim Jong-un. Photos of him did not surface until recently, which is why an actor originally played him in Homefront. Only after his appearance was made public, did the game's developers insert his likeness.


As Kotaku previously posted, the Dear Leader's oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, is "too much of a playboy," to replace Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-chol is, according to a Wikileak cable, "more interested in video games" than governing.

According to the New York Post, Kim Jong-un attended a Swiss boarding school under an alias and can speak German, French, and English. According to classmates, Kim Jong-un was shy and awkward around females. He loved reading Japanese manga and playing video games.


Now dubbed the "Great Successor", his dreams apparently didn't involve taking over a dictatorship, but something far more normal: playing for the Chicago Bulls. A classmate at the International School of Bern told Japan's NHK, "He yearned to become a pro basketball player in the United States."

Seeing how tense the relationship is between Japan and North Korea, it's fascinating that someone who leads a country that teaches its citizens to despise Japan and the U.S. also enjoys manga and shooting hoops.


So if North Korea invades Japan or the US, you'll know what Kim Jong-un has come for: the comics and the basketballs.

Kim's 007-nut kid in charge [NY Post]

(Top photo: Vincent Yu | AP)

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"He yearned to become a pro basketball player in the United States."

So...if someone made this happen perhaps NK would be more friendly to the US.