North Korean Dictator's Real Son Ready To Spawn Homefront Attack [Update]

First-person shooter is a fabricated account of what would happen if North Korean leader Kim Jung-il died and his son took over. The game's latest trailer is hardly fiction.


With the Dear Leader's health failing, his son Kim Jung-un is being groomed as the replacement. The latest trailer shows actual footage of Kim Jung-un attending the 65th anniversary of the country's Workers' Party.

In the backstory trailer, the role of Kim Jung-il's son was played by a handsome actor; however, the actor's voice is still used in the trailer. The game's developers didn't know what Kim Jung-un looked like. Nobody in the outside world did, because the only known photo of him was when he was 11 years-old.

Kim Jung-un is not the general's gaming loser son — that's middle child Kim Jong-chol. As revealed in the Wikileaks cables, the U.S. consulate in Shanghai had this to say about Kim Jung-un: "Kim Jong-chol is 'more interested in video games' than governing." Then he's possibly thrilled about this latest turn of events.

Recent events in Korea do give Homefront a real world echo.


Kotaku is following up with publisher THQ to see if Kim Jung-un will be in the final game, a game that dares to make Americans angry.


Update: THQ tells Kotaku that the developers will use archive footage in game where it serves a narrative purpose.



The premise is so pathetic, even a 9 year old with an insane imagination can hardly believe it. I know writers aren't exactly military strategists here, but do they at least do some research? It is inconceivable to think they can invade us.

Let's consider a few points shall we?

- Economy. They don't have any. More than half their people are starving to death, literally. People join the military to be fed. And the military had to change their minimum height requirement down so that they can maintain their army because they are too malnourished. I would go so far as to say the only reason everyone isn't wiping them off the map is because we're just waiting for the country to have a revolution and give it up already. Anyway my point is that a country that can't even afford to adequately feed it's people can NOT support an invasion of any country half way around the world. You know how much it cost us to invade Iraq or Afghanistan?

- Logistics. They don't have any. Stuck with weapons, military vehicles, and strategies from the 1950's, they don't stand a chance against any modern day force. They also have no real practice other than the Korean war which surprise, was fought over 50 years ago. And to take over one of the largest countries in the world? Are you high, no military can do that. One of the biggest reasons the US and the USSR never fought a land battle with each other is because it would have been a nightmare to do so.

- Support. They don't have any. Sometimes I get the argument that they have China on their side. Once again people thinking with a 50's mindset. It would be stupid for both China and the US to fight for many reasons, and neither have incentive to even start anything with each other. And as the Wikileaks leaks have proven, they are not willing to support NK if a war did break out. There's been a lot of talk that they have even been threatening to stop trade if NK keeps up their behavior.

I could go on, but I think it's pretty clear. The whole idea is stupid, just like Modern Warfare 2's storyline. I can accept certain ideas but when things are this stupid I can't enjoy myself.