Nordic Fashionistas Get Their LBP On

Moods of Norway, a fashion design firm, is out to save the world from a fashion crisis. At least, that's the point of the LittleBigPlanet level it designed in collaboration with a Norwegian PlayStation distributor. The level's published and ready for you to play and, I assume, won't be taken down because it references third party IP. Although it'd be hilarious if it did. Moods of Norway and Nordisk Film, the distributor, held a launch event for the level. In it, you're supposed to navigate through the level to the designers' headquarters in Stryn, Norway. Items to collect include waffles and stave churches, a structure well known to that part of the world. It's a free ad for a fashion designer, of course, but it does show the span of LittleBigPlanet's reach and inclusion. Everyone Loves LBP, Even Norwegian Fashion Designers [PS3 Fanboy]


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