Keita Takashi, designer of quirky cult classic Katamari Damacy, has put out another quirky title. Called Noby Noby Boy, the PS3 game is, well, hard to describe.

It's a unique title for the PlayStation Network from a unique game developer. Takahashi is largely indifferent about video games, saying, "There aren't really any I like." Rather than drawing up from other games, he was inspired by game trailer. In this case, the trailer for racing game DiRT, a game Takahashi hasn't played, was a source of stimulus.

According to the Katamari developer, "We consulted the opening camera work in a trailer for DiRT, a racing game, for Noby Noby Boy."

For someone who shirks video games, Takahashi clearly explains why Noby Noby Boy is a PS3 exclusive. The thumbsticks for Sony's home console are symmetrical — perfect for Noby Noby Boy's gameplay. What's more, Takahashi explains, "Going multiplatform for a vague, off-beat, new title is risky."


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