Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi showed Game Developers Conference attendees a painfully brief look at an iPhone prototype of PlayStation 3 game Noby Noby Boy. Now, you can see it. Whatever it is.

According to a report from Impress Game Watch, the iPhone spin-off of Noby Noby Boy is about 60% complete. That may help you determine a loose release date, because Takahashi doesn't offer one. But hey, if he can actually offer the thing for "like free" as he teased at this year's GDC, who cares when it comes?

For another look at Noby Noby Boy as held by Boy himself, read on.


Takahashi implied that that iPhone/iPod Touch version of Noby Noby Boy may interact with the PlayStation Network version, adding to the length of Girl. At GDC Takahashi lamented that he may never see Girl reach the end of the solar system during his lifetime, something the iPhone version might contribute to.

Hell, if it's free or even "like free," consider my pledge to the lengthening of Girl, well, pledged.


Thanks to Olias for the heads up.