Noby Noby Boy Is Coming To The iPhone

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Like his previous creation, Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi's Noby Noby Boy is bound for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The developer showed a working demo of the game today.


The version we saw appeared to be touchscreen controlled, apparently from a top-down perspective and, frankly, not very clear, as the speaker showed the iPhone game via his laptop's built-in camera. Takahashi had earlier lamented in his talk that to fully connect the solar system in Noby Noby Boy, at the current rate, would take, well, it would take centuries.

"On average, the Girl is growing 40 million meters a day on average. If we go at this rate, in order to connect the entire solar system, it will take 820 years," Takahashi explained. "This is a problem. I'm going to be dead by then."

Takahashi hinted that he would like to add the growth of both the PlayStation 3 version of the game and the iPhone version, but it was unclear if this was possible. Takahashi did not provide specifics on a release date, saying it had only been in development for a week or so, but said it could potentially be free.


geez why doesn't apple just embrace this industry and make a console. And like apple they can just make up their own programming code which can make it easier for programmers to develop the game. knowing apple they could take the whole industry in their hands and make up their own engine, code, materials, etc. and they could make billions. It is rumoured that apple is making a more powerfull iphone so much bigger games can be made for it.