Rachel Moore (aka Ran Mouri) is one of the main characters in the hugely popular Case Closed (aka Detective Conan). Her hair is bizarre.

It’s bizarre, because she’s a regular person and not some character from fantasy or another planet. Those wild coifs are excusable. But hers? It should confirm to regular laws of hair. Yet...

[Image: GirlsChannel]
[Image: Logsoku]

This is why the character can be tricky for cosplayers.

[Image: SquallChannel via Twipple]

Oh. Hrm. It’s like a hair cone.

Even official cosplay looks off. Here, we have model Rui Kumae dressed as the character at a press event for a Detective Conan app.

[Image: Mkun588]

See how Kumae’s cosplay stacks up against the character?

This official outfit is literally a cone stuck on the character’s head.

No wonder people often make fun of Mouri’s hair.

[Image: Koala]

But the character’s hair wasn’t always like this. When the Detective Conan manga debuted in 1994, the character had a fairly normal ‘do. But then it evolved, as you can see in these image via Twitter user Takumi.

[Image: Takumi]

What caused the change? Maybe her hair became patterned after pop star Shizuka Kudo’s style? In Japan, Kudo was incredibly popular in the 1980s and the 1990s.

So, that isn’t a hair cone on the character’s head, but a popular hairstyle of the time. Takumi redrew the character in a more realistic fashion, showing how the ‘do actually works and that Ran Mouri isn’t a conehead.

Phew. Good to know! But wait. In the anime, her hair has a highlight, which confuses things, indeed making it look like there is a hair cone on her head.

[Image: Takumi]

You know what could be the answer to this puzzling hair?

[images: Naver]
[images: Naver]

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