No Wonder The Corporation In This Game Owns Nearly All Personal Data

Here's a neat speech for Remember Me, the dystopian game where a corporation manages to own the memories of nearly the entire population. The speech is delivered by Antoine Cartier-Wells, founder of that corporation—and listening to him talk about memories, it's not difficult to see how easy it would be to sway public opinion on giving a corporation so much power.


Granted, it's not just his charisma. Having the ability to share and delete memories, a power which his corporation can provide via brain implant, is seductive too.


The music in this video is by Stephen Anderson, who you can check out here, and the footage is by Devin Super Tramp.

The Social Revolution - Remember Me [devinsupertramp]

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All that still image from the video made me think of is why there isn't a game set in Uranus.

I mean sure there are scientific reasons, but imagine the possibilities. The possibilities of non-stop Uranus jokes.