The first episode of Life Is Strange, that intriguing-looking adventure game from the people who made Remember Me, is coming out January 30th, publisher Square Enix just announced. It's coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, for $4.99. You can also buy a pass for all five episodes for $19.99. » 12/17/14 9:45am 12/17/14 9:45am

All The Reasons Why Remember Me Makes No Sense

Hey, remember Remember Me? No, not the movie that ruined Robert Pattinson for all of us. I'm talking about the gorgeous beat-'em-up game that came out last year. It was a great cyberpunk adventure. But like many ambitious sci-fi games, it didn't always make sense. » 8/22/14 3:30pm 8/22/14 3:30pm

Square Enix's New Game Is Something Completely Different

Well, this sounds interesting. Square Enix just announced that it's making a new "episodic adventure game" called Life is Strange with Dontnod Entertainment, the studio that made last year's stylish beat-em-up Remember Me. I'm curious and tentatively excited. » 8/11/14 10:45am 8/11/14 10:45am

Future Paris, Despite All The Grime, Can Still Look Pretty

Gregory Szucs is a concept artist who has done card games, book covers, advertisements and, oh yeah, video games, his most recent being Dontnod's gorgeous Remember Me. » 2/05/14 11:00pm 2/05/14 11:00pm

Remember Me might have a future after all. [Update] Dontnod Entertainment—the developer for the Capcom-published action game has filed for bankruptcy, according to various French video game news sites has entered judicial reorganization. The timing's a bit weird, as Remember Me has just been announced as one of the… » 1/31/14 9:45am 1/31/14 9:45am

​What Game Have You Felt The Most Conflicted About?

Our attitudes towards games are very rarely cut and dry. Even in a wonderful, perfectly engineered game, you can still have lingering doubts. Likewise, you can fall in love with a game that is broken, yet does something very special. » 11/28/13 9:00pm 11/28/13 9:00pm

That's No Moon. That's a Possible Open-World Star Wars Game From EA.

One Thing's For Sure About Remember Me: Its Art Is Beautiful

Remember Me is one of those rare - and wonderfully so - games that divides opinion. Yeah, it's got some iffy combat, and the platforming's not so great. But the world developers Dontnod created for it to exist in...just, wow. » 6/05/13 11:30pm 6/05/13 11:30pm

This Is Why Remember Me Is a Great Piece of Science Fiction

Maybe you’re on the fence about Remember Me, the cyberpunk action/platformer hybrid that came out this week. Critical reaction to the Capcom published has been all over the map but Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I found a lot to like about it. » 6/05/13 5:00pm 6/05/13 5:00pm

It Doesn't Matter That Remember Me's Main Character Is a Black Woman.

I wasn't sure that I was going to write about the race of Remember Me's heroine because I wasn't sure there'd be anything to write about. And after having played the game, I can say that Nilin's ethnic make-up plays no part in the world-building of the new Capcom adventure. » 6/04/13 5:44pm 6/04/13 5:44pm

Remember Me: Beautiful or Pretentious? These Six Critics Can't Decide

Whether they consider it the artistic achievement of the decade or just a boring, linear sci-fi brawler, one thing reviewers agree on is that Remember Me is rough around the edges. The question is how rough. » 6/03/13 7:30pm 6/03/13 7:30pm

Remember Me: The Kotaku Review

At first, I thought that Remember Me would be one of those games where I liked its ideas more than its execution. But, even though it's surrounded by some rough gameplay and well-worn templates, the core concept behind the game—control over what we choose to hold onto—comes to life in ambitious ways. » 6/03/13 8:20am 6/03/13 8:20am

No Wonder The Corporation In This Game Owns Nearly All Personal Data

Here's a neat speech for Remember Me, the dystopian game where a corporation manages to own the memories of nearly the entire population. The speech is delivered by Antoine Cartier-Wells, founder of that corporation—and listening to him talk about memories, it's not difficult to see how easy it would be to sway… » 5/15/13 6:30pm 5/15/13 6:30pm

This cool interactive journal for Remember Me pulls you through the life of the guy who invented the game’s memory digitization technology. It reminds me a bit of the Daft Punk cover story on Pitchfork that everyone's been talking about today. Turns out the game's fiction all started on Facebook. Sort of. » 5/14/13 7:00pm 5/14/13 7:00pm

Remember Me Isn't a Sequel Or an Old Idea. Let's See if It's Any Good.

Remember Me is -gasp- an original game coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 4, a month that's usually bereft of any interesting new games to play. Why care about this one? » 5/06/13 12:30pm 5/06/13 12:30pm

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 10s

The past few years produced a huge amount of great games and a surprisingly decent amount of them have well-developed characters that are hard to forget. And, of course, some of them look really attractive. » 5/03/13 6:30pm 5/03/13 6:30pm

Don’t You Forget About This Fan-Made Remember Me Trailer

A video game about memory manipulation. Simple Minds' hit 1985 single. A pairing of Capcom's Remember Me and "Don't You Forget About Me" seems so stunningly obvious that a tweet from writer Jordan Garland must have come from the collective unconscious of us all: » 2/28/13 9:15am 2/28/13 9:15am