Remember Me Isn't a Sequel Or an Old Idea. Let's See if It's Any Good.

Remember Me is -gasp- an original game coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 4, a month that's usually bereft of any interesting new games to play. Why care about this one?

Take a look at the video above. You'll see a third-person action game that has some standard platforming and some basic combat (with a tiny twist). Don't fret! The stars of the game appear to be its attractive future-Paris setting and its concept of remixing people's memories. I captured a little bit of all of that last night off of a preview build of the game's first full level.

Publisher Capcom restricted me to about 10 minutes of video for the level and just two minutes of the unusual "memory remix" gameplay. That's too bad. The memory remix would make more sense if you could see it in full, but, for some reason they're holding that back. Maybe because there are only a handful of them in the game?


If it's not clear, in a memory remix scene, you see a scene play out. What you're seeing is a character's memory, one you want to change. Then you can rewind and tweak the scene and see how it plays out with those tweaks. Making the right changes will transform the memory into something more favorable. Kotaku video editor Chris Person pointed out that it's a little like Capcom's Ghost Trick. Sure, I can see that.

We'll have more on the game closer to its June 4 release. You can also read Kirk Hamilton's fine preview of the game if you need to know more right now. The game looks like an interesting debut for new gaming studio Dontnod Entertainment. It's hard to say if there's enough new gameplay there, but the setting sure is a winner and the memory remixes could be good, especially if they get more complicated. I just hope we don't feel shortchanged if there aren't that many of them. But this is Capcom, so we can assume that in June of 2014 we'll get a longer, more content-rich version of the game. That's how Capcom works, right?

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Dishonored was a new IP too and it sold more than decently enough to warrant sequels. Is there like a new mindset to hate sequels from the get-go? I too want new IP's but that's why I play smaller indie titles in my laptop. Not to mentionn console publishers bring new IP's every now and then. All I want is a good game with a good story.