No, President Obama is Not Plugging NBA 2K13 With His #my2K Campaign

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On a long drive back yesterday evening I heard over the radio that President Obama, using the White House bully pulpit in deficit negotiations, had opened a social media campaign designed to pressure Congressional Republicans. If tax cuts set to expire on Jan. 1 do so, middle-class families would take a cash hit of around $2,000 in 2013. So the president's media folks created #my2K as a Twitter hashtag. Use it, he said, to tell everyone what #my2K means to you and your family.


"Well, #my2K means My Player in NBA 2K13," was my first thought. And I wasn't alone.


My2K is indeed the shorthand for the single sign-on account in NBA 2K from NBA 2K12 to NBA 2K13 this year. It hasn't trended like other NBA 2K hashtags have, but it has come up. Still, there's the 2K branding, and the fact that President Obama has appeared in NBA 2K since NBA 2K11, either in the game's championship cinematic or, amusingly, as a coach after 2016 in the game's career modes.

So, write your elected representatives. Tell them what #my2K really means to you.


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Pretty sure most people want the Bush Tax cuts to expire. It means millionaires and billionaires start paying more on their taxes (good thing). Then, congress will have to make a new set of tax cuts for 2014, but the public will be more informed during the creation of these tax cuts and they wont be nearly as extreme as the Bush tax cuts.