Illustration for article titled If He Doesnt Win Re-Election, President Obama Can Always Coach the Dallas Mavericks

Or the Chicago Bulls. Or Golden State Warriors. Or any team in NBA 2K12's Association or My Player modes, as Reddit user soadfan09 discovered today.

This has actually been known for some time, but it's still cool to see POTUS now as HCOTDM. He'll show up on the sidelines about three seasons into your team's dynasty or your player's career, and can end up on any team. He seems to frequently appear with his hometown Bulls but Google searches reveal forum threads back in the winter that mention Obama as the coach of other teams.


Obama appears in the game (and appeared in NBA 2K11) in an off-season cinematic in which your team visits the White House if it has won the NBA championship. So, that's why the facial modeling of the leader of the free world is on the disc in the first place. I think he looks a little bit like former Knick and current ESPN college analyst Hubert Davis, but I guess that's the ears.

Hell, William Howard Taft went on to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. John Quincy Adams served in the House of Representatives. If Obama doesn't get re-elected, coaching in the NBA isn't such a bad second act, either.

So its 2019 in my NBA2K12 basketball franchise and there is a very interesting new coach in the league.... [Reddit]

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