No Okami 2 Until You Buy More Of Okami 1, OK?

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More Capcom sequel hostage-taking! Last time it was Phoenix Wright fans in Capcom's blackmailing sights, this time, it's Okami fans. Responding to questions bugging them over a new brush-shaded adventure on Capcom's boards, Christian "Sven" Svensson said "I think we need a lot more people buying the current version before we seriously consider a sequel". A harsh statement on the game's combined sales figures, perhaps, but also probably an accurate one. Still, we can dream, no? The Question That Was Inevitably Coming [Capcom, via GoNintendo]


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Bluetribal:Didn't Clover themselves say they did not like follow ups? And the ship has sailed. They aren't in any shape to do a second one right now anyway.

@cookiesareafriend:Please, can we have more cheap shots from you on games you don't like along with your odd stances on protecting IP's? I need my monday morning amusement factor.

@Shiryu:I love Clover too, but the sad fact is, 'core' gamers not only don't have the marketshare needed to support such works, but for everyone who demands 'New IP.' only two or three out of 20 folks buy it. It's why proven IP gets the most attention and when a well done new game launches, if you don't buy it, you may never see it again.

Clover died because the games didn't sell enough and no one, not Capcom, not anyone has the money to toss down a black hole, be it a creative one or not.

@Black-Dog-Howls:I talked to a GameFly rep and she/he said pretty much any game bought from them, they go right back out and re-buy a new copy of that title unless it's a poor rental title or has gone out of print quickly. Unless there's a promo deal, my last 10 games i've bought for various systems have come from GameFly, you can save a good chunk of money that way.