No Need to Love Lucy; Just Like Her Facebook Game

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There is always another television property out there that can yet be mined for its game tie-in potential, it seems. I Love Lucy, 1950s classic and staple of late-night reruns for decades, will be making its entry into the Facebook game space soon thanks to Entertainment Games, Inc.


In a press release, the social and casual developer announced the finalization of a deal with Desilu and CBS that would allow them to bring Lucille Ball's iconic comedy to their existing Facebook app, Retro World. As they describe it, players will be able to access "interactive episodes," beginning with perhaps the most famous episode, "Job Switching." (The episode with the candy factory.)

Players star as both Lucy and Ricky in scenes based on the original episode. As Ricky, you'll coach Fred and labor to learn the ropes of basic domestic housekeeping. As Lucy, you'll struggle comically to stay employed alongside Ethel in the chocolate factory, culminating in a mini-game that recreates one of the most iconic scenes in TV history—Lucy and Ethel trying desperately to wrap candy as it races past them on a conveyor belt.

Retro World has already been updated to include an I Love Lucy hidden-object scene, in which players must try to make incongruous objects like a miniature elephant seem inconspicuous in Lucy and Ricky's living room. Because what every sixty-year-old, black-and-white, classic entertainment property needs is a chance to live the comedy on Facebook.



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