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No More Heroes is a Wii game. Rumors have swirled for some time that the title was originally planned as an Xbox 360 title, but it ended up on the Wii instead.


Game site 1UP asked Goichi Suda, the game's designer, whether No More Heroes could ever appear on another platform in the future. "Actually, a lot of the fans were dying to play the game on other consoles, so I think it'd be great if I could do it, but there's no plan yet," said Suda. "[If so,] I would match the content to [fit] the other consoles. No More Heroes could be a big title, like a big IP, so it'd be good to have a chance to release the game on other consoles, and that would maybe maximize the market."

The designer also revealed that the game's sequel, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, is at the "very end of production". Desperate Struggle, however, will not be playable at E3.


Suda 51: No More Heroes Sequel at "the Very End of Production" [1UP via Develop] [Pic]

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