No Man's Sky Is Getting Bobbleheads

Gif: Hello Games

Party like it’s 1999 by adding one of No Man Sky’s new custom bobbleheads to your spaceship cockpit.

In Hello Games latest development update the studio announced the figurines will be a new exotic collectible sold by the Quicksilver Bot and can be installed in in any spaceship. The first two to be added to the game are in the form of Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada, but others seem likely to follow. 

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Screenshot: Hello Games

Space travel can be lonely and also hard to get a feel for when you’re doing it through a video game from the comfort of your own home. The cool thing about the bobbleheads is that they’re affected by your ship’s changes in acceleration, helping to imbue intra-galaxy transportation with the sense of weight and power it deserves.

The game is getting a few other additions as well, including some new species of flora and a new set of player-made bases featured in the Space Anomaly. 

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that’s nice and all...but how is THIS going by unnoticed!

FINALLY getting a western release!