No Gaming Mouse Is This Exciting, But The New Naga Comes Close

This is the most dramatic gaming mouse trailer of 2013. It is for a mouse that leaps across canyons in a sports car in slow motion. The new Razer Naga does not do that, but it's wonderfully clicky.


Last year I pitted three MMO gaming mice against each other in a battle of the buttons, and Razer's 12-button Naga did not win. It was a lovely piece of hardware, but the 12 side buttosn were smooth and hard to tell apart, and despite a set of swappabel ergnomic bits, the Naga just wasn't as comfortable as the competition.

So, for the 2013 edition of the Naga, Razer fixed those problems.

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It's certainly a more comfortable hand rest than its predecessor, for one, and it didn't have to resort to hot swapping gimmicks to achieve that. The buttons on the side are now mechanical (clicky!) and ridged, making it much easier to feel out individual keys with your thumb. The new scroll wheel tilts side-to-side for additional input, and there's even a left-handed version for the freaky people in the audience.

The only thing I'm not liking about the 2013 Naga is the finish. I'm used to soft, rubberized plastic, and this one somewhat gritty.


Still, a marked improvement over the previous generation, addressing every concern I had, and only adding one new one. That's almost worth an incredibly dramatic debut trailer. Almost.

The new Razer Naga will be on sale shortly at the Razer store for $79.99.



Good luck with that mouse, it'll die in a few months. Razer products are just horrible when it comes to quality and long-term use.