Sorry, but we won't be playing StarCraft II, Diablo III or World of Warcraft at this year's E3 expo. Activision will be there, but corporate sibling Blizzard, and its many in-development wares, will not.

The Giant Bomb crew received a potent quotable confirmation from Blizzard reps today on the matter, clearly indicating that the developer "will not be attending or participating in E3 2009."

And why should they? Blizzard has its own dedicated event, BlizzCon, to promote its products, without noisy interference from other publishers, like Activision. If it does want to invade someone else's convention, it's likely to be Games Convention or Gamescom in Germany, home of the people who line up in the hundreds to play early beta versions of its PC games.

And it certainly doesn't need to hire booth babes; it has life-sized Night Elf statues in skimpy scale mail to tart up its booth space.

No Blizzard At E3 2009 [Giant Bomb]