Nippon Ichi is publishing Persona 4: Golden on the Vita in Europe. Atlus is handling North America.


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James Whitbrook

Thank GOD it's not Zen United! After the way they've completely mishandled Persona 4 Arena's release here - although Atlus are just as much to blame with that, thanks to the region lock - I was worried that we'd get just as poor a deal with P4G, considering Zen's ownership of the 'Persona Europe' site/social network pages/what have you. I'd rather not have them become the caretakers of the Persona franchise in Europe, given their blunders - knowing our luck, Americans will be playing P4G before we even have Arena!

Sure, it's a bit of a wait - what I expected, but still quite a wait - but I'd rather be told that up front than be lied to about 'launching as close to US release as possible'. Grumble*.

*I may be slightly bitter about the status of P4A EU. Only slightly.