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Nintendo's Theme Park Is Looking Fantastic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was supposed to be open by now, but you know, stuff has happened. It’s almost done though, and even if none us are likely to be travelling there anytime soon, we can at least press our disgusting faces up against the glass and admire it from a distance.

The park, now due to open next Spring, is looking like a dream come true. The above video, taken by The Mainichi last month shows that things are pretty much finished, at least externally. Guests enter the park through the Peach’s Castle area, and will find themselves standing in a space that takes in some of the most iconic Mario locations imaginable, from Toad Houses to general platforming stages to an ice level.


There are coin blocks everywhere—for a reason—and the rear of the park is dominated by the Mario Kart ride, and an enormous rendering of Bowser’s Castle, complete with N64-style polygonal styling.


While it of course all looks incredible, what’s wildest for me is how close the whole thing comes to the original concept art. I mean, look at this image below, and compare it to the final construction up top; they’ve been able to do pretty much everything, in some cases—like the flagpole section on the right—even better, as the actual one seems to be towering even higher than the art.

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Image: Universal Studios Japan

Imagine standing there, at ground level, where none of those scaffolding “holes” are visible and all you’re surrounded by is Mario stuff. It’s gonna be so good.

All of which is a very positive sign for the other Super Nintendo Land, the one being built in Los Angeles. Perfect for those who either don’t want to travel to Japan or are just more patient.


UPDATE, November 24: Removed image and replaced it with a more helpful video.