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Nintendo's Theme Park Trailer Is A Trip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We’re only six months (at most!) away from the opening of Nintendo’s big new theme park at Universal Studios, Osaka. That means it’s time to not only get a big hype trailer, but some actual information on the place as well, including a very cool, very Mario feature.

It’s a pretty good vid, hinting at what’s to come from two of the park’s rides (Mario Kart and Yoshi), as well as introducing a smartphone app that works alongside a band that can be purchased when you arrive.

An accompanying Japanese press event says the app allows you to walk around the park smacking blocks, and in doing so earning coins (and sometimes stars). A park leaderboard will track those collecting the most, while some areas also contain “boss battles” in which several guests can team up in some way.

Image: Famitsu
Image: Famitsu

UPDATE: Here’s the smartphone + watch in action, via Bloomberg. This is going to move grown adults to tears.