Nintendo's Temporary Mario Museum, The Video Tour

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Couldn't make it to to Nintendo World Store in New York City today? Kotaku went for you and shot this nearly gaffe-free video of Nintendo's Bill Trinen and Kit Ellis showing off a Mario Museum.


The museum was erected just outside Nintendo's store in Rockfeller Center, a few feet from the Today Show Studios and pretty much on the spot where people stand and yell for Al Roker most weekday mornings.

There was no Roker today, but there was Trinen and Ellis, providing the following tour. We shot this just before the museum opened to Nintendo fans. Attendees were able to buy New Super Mario Bros. Wii at the store today and enter a tournament featuring the game.

A storm was picking up as we began:



When I saw the image of Miyamoto's desk, I went through my Nintendo Power collection, and found it.

January/February 1990, page 21.

And I scanned the image for all of you guys. :)

There's some other cool images there too, including images of the tilesets with mapped colors on graph paper (!!), but I didn't want to scan too much. That could become illegal. #newsupermariobroswii