Nintendo's Greatest Designer is Leaving the Wii Behind

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Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Zelda, is winding up development on Wii games, the Nintendo legend revealed today.

Speaking at a Q&A attended by Kotaku, Miyamoto said that he always "focuses on newest upcoming platforms", and that would mean that the upcoming Skyward Sword would be "one of the last if not the last" from his development team.

While he says there are still games coming for the Wii from Nintendo, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma then added that he wants Skyward Sword to be "good enough to close out the Wii".


Why is Miyamoto leaving the Wii behind? Well, he's got a new console to develop for, of course!

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Jeff Kibuule

6 years of the Wii and only one original Zelda game (at the end too). Rather sloppy. Heck, even the Gamecube had the same fate more or less (since it ended up being the gimp version compared to the Wii version).

No, we have to go back to the SNES before systems are treated with any serious respect (2 Mario games, 2 Zelda games, and lots of new titles). Everything since then has really been a sequel of sorts, and I don't think NIntendo has made a new "serious" original franchise in quite a long time.