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Nintendo Talks Wii U Game Pricing

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Nintendo has already talked Wii U pricing. While the Kyoto-based electronics giant didn't give an exact figure, company honcho Satoru Iwata did say that he doesn't think Nintendo can charge the same price it does for the Wii.


But how much will Wii U games be? Iwata talked to CNBC about game pricing in very broad terms. As CNBC pointed out, PS3 and Xbox 360 games are priced at US$60 (and higher); however, Wii games are priced lower.


Since it's more costly to make hi-def games, Iwata did agree that some top titles could very well be priced higher than what Wii games go for. According to Iwata, that won't be true with all games.

"I think there is already some indication that the [current pricing] trend is going to stay here," Iwata said.

"When you consider some of the most popular franchise—such as Call of Duty or Madden—the publishers can afford to affix a rather expensive price tag on that because the franchise has a premium value."

"On the other hand," Iwata continued, "without an established franchise, they cannot afford to keep that expensive price tag. I believe there will be a wider price range."


Good news for players. Good news for players' wallets.

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Talks Wii U Game Pricing

E3 2011-Special Report-Nintendo Chief Says Investors Overreacted to Wii UC [CNBC Thanks, Michael!]

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People always act like the $60 price point for top-tier games is symptomatic of this generation, but I distinctly remember paying $60 for Mega Man 5 during its release week. And that was in 1992 dollars. If anything, games are cheaper now, especially considering the vastly increased dev costs.