Nintendo Officially Announces Star Fox Zero

Nintendo promised a new Star Fox was coming, and, yep, a new Star Fox game is coming.

Star Fox Zero looks familiar to other Star Fox games we’ve played in the past, though obviously it’s the first time Star Fox has appeared in high-definition, thanks to the Wii U.


The big change with Star Fox Zero is a transformative ship:

Your options? The arwing, landmaster, and gyro wing.

The game is also taking advantage of the GamePad by allowing you to see what’s around you on the TV, and using the GamePad to control precise aiming.


Nintendo said this is not a remake or a direct sequel to any of the other games.


To get a better sense of what Star Fox Zero is trying to accomplish, here’s some gameplay:

Nintendo even spent some time speaking with designer Shigeru Miyamoto about his original inspirations for the Star Fox series, and how the cancelled Star Fox 2 influenced this one:

(What’s stopping Nintendo from releasing Star Fox 2 on Virtual Console, by the way?)


We’ll have hands-on impressions with Star Fox Zero in a couple of hours, too.

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