Nintendo Nerfs Steve's Meat

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Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Steve Minecraft, the latest addition to the ever-growing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, has been nerfed. He’s lost his mojo, so to speak.


When Steve joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last week, players were surprised to see him holding a piece of grilled meat in a very...let’s say provocative position. So provocative that we here at Kotaku felt it was best to censor our screenshot a bit.

Okay, let’s stop being coy here. It looked like Steve had his dick out. He was “Toobin,” a reference I’ve been dying to make for days. And now, thanks to the 9.0.1 patch released today, it doesn’t. Not that you would know from reading the patch notes.

Is there no joy in this world that reality won’t rip away from us at a moment’s notice?

Update (10:06 p.m. ET, 10/21/20): Oh, and if you were curious what Xbox head Phil Spencer thought of this whole situation, seeing as his company owns Steve, our own editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo made sure to ask him during his recent interview:



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Seems like the change happened because it was brought to Phil Spencer’s attention so a more accurate headline would be

Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo Nerfs Steve’s Meat