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Nintendo: "Millions" Waiting For Nintendo Wii

Illustration for article titled Nintendo: Millions Waiting For Nintendo Wii

Wii sales have been relatively sluggish this year. That's changing as the Wii with its new price-cut heads into the holiday season.


Nintendo dropped the price in North America from US$250 to $200 — similar price-cuts were announced for Japan and Europe.

"There are literally millions of consumers out there who want a Wii and had been on the sidelines," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told "They'd been waiting for that little nudge to go out and pick it up — the price decline, the sampling, the launching of key software like Wii Fit Plus - we believe it's what's pushing them over the edge to get into the category."


If the price-cut does not convince them, Nintendo hopes a strong holiday line-up with Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii will do it.

While Fils-Aime says it is too early to start projecting post-price-cut sales figures, he adds, "The consumer response has been very strong to the price reduction."

Wii sales get price-cut boost - Nintendo chief [ via VG247] [Pic]

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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

I disagree with person getting paid to overhype his company's own product.

This statement had been true had they had a different demographic and an originally unreasonable pricepoint.

But no, the Wii-market is kids and families, and they will already be getting the Wii for their kids' birthday or christmas no matter if the price is $200 or $250

Regular gamers won't exactly be lining up to get it at it's new pricepoint, because as I've stated earlier, the Wii is not marketed towards them, and I doubt there's many traditional gamers going "Finally, it's $50 cheaper"

While it will no doubt create a small increase in sales, it won't be lasting on the Wii's sales. The more likely scenario is that families that already planned to get it at $250 are now getting it for $50 cheaper.

So no, Reggie, I am not agreeing with you that there are that many families waiting for that little price-based nudge to go out and buy it. They are more likely waiting for lil' Tim's birthday.