Nintendo Discovers That Wii Fit Is As Good As... Walking

In this ad, Nintendo says it had Wii Fit researched by Japan's National Institute of Health and Nutrition. About time! The game's only been out for over a year.

The researchers found out that doing the Wii Fit hula hoop game was the equivalent of "light walking" or playing golf without using a golf cart.


Wait, the Wii Fit hula hoop game is the equivalent of light walking? Light walking is not only considered an ideal low-impact exercise, but it's also totally free. Last we checked, Wii Fit is not free.

Good thing Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto already said Wii Fit's purpose is to make you fit. Oh wait.


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Someday, I'm going to build a time machine and go back in time to the day Miyamoto got the idea to make Wii Fit. I will then spend the entire day distracting him with shiny objects and kittens until he forgets the idea ever existed, and designs something actually worthwhile.

It'll be the best day ever. Especially when Colonel Campbell starts screaming in my Codec about creating a time paradox.