Nintendo Boss Says Japanese Market "Least Robust" In The World

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In Japan, the DS and PSP are wildly popular. But what about home consoles? Despite being the home ground for two of this generation's three machines, things aren't looking as rosy.


That's according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, anyway, who says:

Perhaps, the Japanese market is the least robust market in the world today with regard to home console systems. In the U.S., the home console market is very robust. If the U.S. sold two or three times as much as Japan, it would be tolerable. Yet, I feel that something is wrong when the U.S. is selling ten times as much as Japan on a weekly basis. So, I do not believe Nintendo should be content with the current situation in the Japanese market and believe that we have other methods to confront this.

Like telling Microsoft Japan and Sony to life their game, perhaps?

Iwata Q&A [Nintendo] [Image]


Joshua Hupp

Have they looked at a globe lately? I mean, Japan could fit inside California, right? Now multiply that by Seattle, New York, Dallas, and Chicago, then add the fact that the US has a wide expanse of country with 1.5 cars per family. People here don't have to interact socially on bullet trains and subways every day and limited space for anything. A friend-of-mine's Tokyo apartment could fit in my kitchen. It's no wonder the US market sells 10 times more consoles. Also, maybe 'cuz the PS3 sux and has no games!