Nintendo Announces Pikmin 4 In The Weirdest Way

The fourth installment of the popular strategy title is in the works and “close to completion” according to Nintendo head designer Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview that’s over a month old.

In a surprising move Eurogamer has suddenly announced what could be one of the biggest upcoming Nintendo games today, though they note the interview was conducted in July. The URL of announcement even has 7-20 tacked on at the end. It’s not clear why it took so long to run. Maybe the Miyamoto interview was embargoed. We’re not sure. Update - 12:19pm: Eurogamer tells us their July interview was embargoed until today, which is strange and very Nintendo.


But hey, new Pikmin! That’s exciting. Especially considering it took so long for Nintendo to produce a third title in the series. There is no announcement on whether Pikmin 4 will be coming to the Wii U or Nintendo’s NX system. Personally, I’m kind of hoping it comes to the 3DS. We’ve never had a handheld Pikmin title and I think it’s about time.

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