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Nintendo Announces A Bunch Of Switch Indie Game News

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To kick off Gamescom, the biggest gaming convention in Europe, Nintendo announced a ton of news about indie games on Switch, including release dates, ports, and even some surprise releases for today. Slay the Spire, Children of Morta, and more are coming to Switch in the next several months, among many other announcements.

A lot of cool stuff was shown in a new 22-minute video Nintendo put out this morning, so it’s probably best to go in chronological order of when it will all be releasing, starting with a handful of games Nintendo announced will be available starting later today when the eShop updates.


Out Today

  • Bad North, revealed to be coming earlier this year, is a streamlined strategy game with a minimalist art style and light roguelike elements.
  • Morphies Law is a Mexican-themed shooter where you can change your size on the fly to in 4v4 team fights that looks surprisingly fun.
  • Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, the port of the 2015 management builder, is exactly what it sounds like, but also comes with the game’s first two expansions included.

The Next Few Months

  • The Gardens Between, a lovely and imaginative looking puzzle game I still can’t entirely wrap my head around, that arrives on September 20.
  • The excellent Neo Geo classic Windjammers (Street Fighter meets tennis) gets ported on October 23 with a newly announced sequel, Windjammers 2, to follow sometime in 2019.
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a spiritual successor to the rest of the Wonder Boy games that looks similar to last year’s excellent remake of Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap, will be out November 6 (and also on PS4 and Xbox One).
  • A port of the unnerving survival game This War of Mine will arrive sometime in November as well.
  • Everspace, a roguelike space shooter because, in case you couldn’t tell from reading the rest of these bullet points, we somehow still haven’t hit peak roguelike, will get ported sometime in December.

Before The End Of The Year

  • Moonlighter, a fun pixel art dungeon crawler that’s already out elsewhere will also be making its way to Switch soon but the release window is vague: by the end of 2018.
  • Baba Is You is an abstract game that leans more on the brain teaser-side with its puzzles coming to Switch sometime in the fall as well. It’s not out anywhere else yet but you can preview early builds from when it originally came out of the Nordic Game Jam.
  • Streets of Rogue is a simple looking retro brawler, also with roguelike elements, that will have up to four person multiplayer on Switch when it arrives.

Early 2019

  • The newly announced Night Call looks like a brooding cross between a management game and a visual novel where you need to investigate murders to catch serial killers in Paris while also making enough money on the side to pay all of your bills.
  • Children of Morta, the beautiful looking RPG dungeon crawler where you build a family lineage over the course of playing the game, still has a release date of 2018 on PC. Nintendo says it’s coming to Switch in early 2019, though.
  • Out of all the news in the video, confirmation of a Slay the Spire port coming early next year has me the most excited. It’s a roguelike dungeon crawler where you fight turn-based battles with decks of cards currently still in Early Access on Steam, but already one of my favorite games of the year and it would be great to finally get a card game on Switch.
  • Finally, the 2D side-scrolling crafting game Terraria, which we already knew was coming to Switch, is slated for some time later in 2019, which is funny given that it’s also the game that’s been out the longest (since 2011) out of everything shown in the info dump.

It’s not a bad round-up and hearing more stuff is coming to Switch is never a bad thing, although it is worth pointing out that much of the cool new stuff—Children of Morta, Slay the Spire—isn’t due out for several months, leaving the system’s fall release calendar still feeling a bit thin.