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Nintendo And McDonalds Japan Serve Up DS Service

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following on the test program Nintendo launched in Tokyo last spring, the Kyoto-based game company and the fast food giant announce "Mac de DS".


Way back in 2005, Nintendo of America teamed up with McDonalds to offer free WiFi in the United States. This new nationwide service is a first for Japanese McDonalds.


Starting June 19, the service rolls out a DS wireless service at restaurants across Japan. Customers who bring their DS units to McDonalds can download items and original content as well as play others via WiFi. Besides Pokémon mini-games and character downloads (Jirachi, anyone?), there are also McDonalds quizzes and even a McDonalds manga service. I'm loving it?

任天堂岩田社長「全国のマックに笑顔を」−−"マックでDS"サービス発表会 [Famitsu]