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Over in Japan, Nintendo is busy testing new functionality for the Nintendo DS that will allow users to download information of McDonald's food and sales campaigns at any one of twenty-one restaurants located around Tokyo. Now through June 28th, owners of the prevalent portable will be able to log in to WiFi via the restaurants, much like they can do now in the states, and pull up information on menu items, which in a perfect world would then cause them to stand up, look disgusted, and then leave, as long as they aren't too distracted by the game demos also on tap.


The test is part of a partnership with Japanese telecommunications giant NTT, which is also working with Nintendo on Wifine for DS, which will allow owners to connect at 20 train stations on the Tsukuba Express line, with information on train transfers, weather, and local restaurants at their fingertips.

It's just another way Nintendo is slowly making the DS a requirement for every man, woman and child, waiting until there is one DS for every member of the populace before unleashing their sinister "Phase Two".


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