Nintendo Allegedly Confirms Wii Price Cut, Effective Sept. 27

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Nintendojo has reported that Nintendo, in a conference call with retailers, confirmed that the Wii's price will be cut to $199, effective Sunday, Sept. 27. Nintendojo says one of its staffers was on the line during this call.


I've emailed our Nintendo of America PR contact to ask if they'd like to add anything. Likely, the company's official response is along the lines of what they told us on Thursday, that they won't comment on rumor or speculation.

I would say it's a solid bet we'll put an end to all of this with some announcement at Tokyo Game Show this week.

Wii Price Cut Confirmed [Nintendojo via Go Nintendo]


Koda Kazar

Normally if only one or two retailers list it, I'd brush it off as maybe a chain only price drop, but when nearly every major retailer from Wal*Mart to Best Buy lists the price drop in their upcoming weekly ad, it is pretty much official, and holding out on confirming it is just stupid and pointless.

It's like trying to hide the Incredible Hulk behind a tiny piece of shrubbery.