It's hard not to get wrapped up in nostalgia whenever you look at a SNES game—and while there are a number of reasons for this, one of the major reasons has to be the visuals. As it turns out, there is actually a lot that is unique about the graphics on the Super Nintendo.

The ever-knowledgeable DYKGaming tells us all about the fascinating graphical capabilities of the SNES, including:

  • Special features like the SFX chip and Mode 7
  • What games make use of the SNES' special graphical capabilities
  • The many graphic "modes" the console includes
  • What made mode seven so special amongst these modes
  • How the system renders its graphics
  • How the system dealed with sprites and scaling
  • how Starfox used a special chip inside its cartridge in order to render its unique graphics
  • What other games went on to use special chips for their graphics—like Super Mario RPG
  • And most of all, how the system kept afloat as a 16-bit console in the 32-bit age

It's an educational and enlightening watch, the kind you can see more of here.

Super Nintendo Effects Dev Special - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Mario Castañeda [DYKGaming]