CAMP MERCURY, IRAQ - Marines embark on risky night patrols around their base in one of Iraq's most dangerous zones to prevent attacks and keep insurgents at bay. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

PipClock Has You Duck-and-Covered in Case of Apocalypse

With the exception, maybe, of VATS calling out your headshots, our modern mobile devices are shades more useful than the Pip Boy. Nonetheless, the Fallout universe's wrist-borne computer seems so much more essential and dramatic, probably because its analog hum, scanlines and fluttering screen make... More »


The Reinvention of Literature

There's something seemingly scandalous, irreverent about Simon Meek's notion of "playing through" novels like Crime and Punishment or Wuthering Heights.
But in practice, Meek's work transforming the world's great literature into something experienced on a gaming console is more akin to performance... More »


How Steam Brought a Console Convert Back to the PC Gaming Fold

In this Monday morning episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Cobaltios tells the story of how he drifted away from PC gaming, only to have Valve's downloadable PC game service drag him right back in. More »


Green Lantern's Light Comes at a Price in DC Universe Online

To become a member of DC Comic's Green Lantern Corps, a being must be willful beyond imagining and fearless to a fault. Should they meet that criteria and the time be right, one of the fabled power rings may just find its way to them. More »

This is the Correct Way to Beat a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Boss

When last we showed you the boss battle in the demo of the next major Zelda game, the boss won. Link died. Very sad.
Today, in New York City, Nintendo's J.C. More »


Nearly Six Minutes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

This is like no Resident Evil game you've ever played: You run, you gun, you eat through boxes of ammo.
In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City the creep dead are less an inevitable death and more a tactical weapon that can turn on you. More »



I Was Wrong To Blow Off this New Kirby Wii Game

One month ago, in the Nintendo booth at E3, I asked Nintendo people to tell me which Nintendo game I shouldn't overlook. Kirby Wii, they told me. But I was never a Kirby fan. More »


The Authoritarian Control of Labor in Tiny Tower

While playing Tiny Tower, do you worry about your Bitizens' happiness, or ignore them in favor of staffing your shops? Blogger Jorge Albor at examines the Marxist implications of doing well in Tiny Towers.
As Albor explains, playing Tiny Tower works, is not difficult, all it takes is... More »


The Pea Shooters and Samurai of the Wii's Rhythm Heaven

We checked out the upcoming Wii version of music-infused Rhythm Heaven at E3, but we weren't able to let you listen to it because it's was so loud.
This time around we're in the relative quiet of Nintendo's New York offices, where Stephen Totilo tried his hand at stabbing peas with a fork and... More »


A Game Called Achron and the Theory That Games Would be Better With Time Travel

In the first mission of the upcoming computer game that Chris Hazard, PhD, has been trying to make since 1999, our hero, a man named Holloway meets himself. More »

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