I Was Wrong To Blow Off this New Kirby Wii Game

One month ago, in the Nintendo booth at E3, I asked Nintendo people to tell me which Nintendo game I shouldn't overlook. Kirby Wii, they told me. But I was never a Kirby fan. I never played the pink puffball's original enemy-inhaling games. I was ready to ignore them.

I've cherished only two Kirby games, the experimental drawing-based Kirby Canvas Curse on the Nintendo DS and the visually-innovative Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii. Why, I wondered, would I care for a new but conventional Kirby game?


I skipped Kirby Wii at E3 last month. Today, I got a chance to not skip it in New York. I played the game cooperatively with Nintendo's J.C. Rodrigo, then had him play it while I shot the video you can see here. I'm changing my take on this game. I can't ignore something this colorful, visually-expressive and fun. Kirby Wii seems easy, but it also seems to be stuffed with graphical surprises and game control secrets. Watch the video I shot today and you'll see—and hear—what I mean.

Kirby Wii is probably ideal for kids and families looking for a co-op side-scroller. I'll be looking forward to it, too. The game will be out by the end of the year.

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Too many lower half title cards at the beginning of your videos, Totilo. Especially that Journey video from a week or so ago.