NHL Slapshot Box Goes Top Shelf With The Great One

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Michael Jordan isn't the only best-ever superstar gracing the cover of a video game and appearing in it this year. Wayne Gretzky's playable in NHL Slapshot and also serves as your mentor in the singleplayer career mode.


EA Sports today published the official packshot for the Wii game, which arrives Sept. 7. It gives you a pretty good look of the game's fancy-schmancy hockey stick contraption that houses both your Wiimote and Nunchuk. I saw it on the floor at E3 but didn't get any playtime with the game. But I can see kids raking vases and centerpieces off the coffee table already.



Gimme a break and not a Kit Kat break either. What gamer in their serious mind is gonna play this game? Can you imagine wielding that plastic stick around? I can't. What's the world come too? WTF is going on here people? Have we all gone mad? Wake me up from this Twilight Zone episode!