NHL 94 Rewind Is An Update Of The Original With Current Rosters

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One of the better classic NHL games is coming back in the form of NHL 94 Rewind. Unfortunately it’s currently only available as a pre-order bonus.

“It’s today’s teams and rosters with controls and graphics from ‘94,” EA wrote on Twitter today. The publisher didn’t say if the game will have any bonus features like support for online multiplayer. What it did say was that the only way to currently get it is to pre-order NHL 21. Heh.

EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether NHL 94 Rewind will be available to buy separately or as an add-on later on.


The third game in the NHL series, ‘94 added one-time shots off passes and sported a host of other scoring techniques from the slick to the cheap. Decades later it remains by far one of the best top-down hockey games. Now if only it was getting a standalone release.

NHL 21 is out October 16, while NHL 94 Rewind will follow a couple weeks later on October 30.

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