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NHL 2K's Absence from Take-Two Report May Mean Its End

Illustration for article titled NHL 2Ks Absence from Take-Two Report May Mean Its End

Take-Two's quarterly report yesterday included a list of "key titles announced to date for the remainder of fiscal 2010." It didn't include NHL 2K11, which some are taking as the death of that franchise.


The list did mention MLB 2K10 and NBA 2K11, so we know this isn't just a sports thing. Comments from 2K Sports do little to swat away speculation that NHL 2K, which has long finished a distant second to EA Sports' NHL franchise, is done.

"We are currently in the process of evaluating our sports portfolio and have not announced any new NHL titles at this time," 2K Sports' Bryan Lam told me.


Interestingly, I see that NBA 2K11 is the only title listed as "TBA" for the platforms it will appear on. It did a full-ginsberg last year - PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP and, for the first time, on the Wii. The TBA might mean one version is getting axed and if so, my money's on the Wii, where sports sims haven't done well at all. Asked if that was the case, Lam told me, "We have yet to announce any information on NBA 2K11."

NHL 2K Omission May Be Sign of Cancellation [Pasta Padre]

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On the last generation (Xbox), I would only play 2K's NHL. The gameplay was much more realistic then what EA offered at the time. But now in the current generation (360/PS3) EA has taken the crown back by a long shot and 2K has diminished. Even 2K's Wii efforts (only NHL on the Wii) is mediocre at best.