NFL's Sunday Ticket Pulled from PlayStation 3

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DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket, the service delivering all over-the-air NFL games broadcast on Sunday afternoons during the league's regular season, will no longer be offered on the PlayStation 3. IGN reports that Sony has confirmed the end of the arrangement.


For the past two years, Sunday Ticket had been offered over PlayStation Network through an app and subscription which cost $300 last season. This development does not affect the promotion DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket has with Madden NFL 25's Anniversary Edition, which gives buyers a code that allows them to watch the service over a PC, laptop, or mobile device. The PlayStation 3 app was never a part of that promotion.

IGN said a Sony representative confirmed the end of Sunday Ticket's availablility but would not elaborate on the reasons why. Kotaku reached out to representatives of Sony and DirecTV Sunday Ticket for comment but did not receive an answer by publication time.

At the Xbox One's worldwide reveal event in May, Microsoft touted a close partnership with the NFL delivering exclusive content for the new console, though the content was not the live broadcast of games. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner [pictured above], appeared in a promotional video at the Xbox One event saying "there's no one better" than Microsoft for such a partnership.

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