Next Resident Evil Flick Brings Leon Kennedy to the Big Screen

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Milla Jovovich, in her role as wife of the director of lead publicist for the Resident Evil movie franchise, just confirmed that Leon Kennedy will make a live-action debut in the next RE film, where he will be played by something called Johann Urb.


You might remember Urb from films such as (adjusts glasses, reads from paper) "Eastwick, 2012, The Hottie and the Nottie, 1408, The Mountain, The Bank Job and Strictly Sexual." That's provided you remember those films.

At least the resemblance is there.

RE5's Leon Kennedy Revealed [IGN via Game Informer. h/t Alaron]

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So many people don't get what remakes and adaptations are about. They're not supposed to be just like the original material, or there's no point. The Resident Evils are about Umbrella doing bioweapon research, and releasing zombies on Raccoon City, with a bunch of characters fighting to survive. What do you want? That's the story. Why should they have any more similarities than that? They do, a lot more, but it's just never enough for people.

The death of film-making is every person being so eager to shit on everything that's made to be a critic. Do you have to like everything? Of course not, but give yourselves a chance. The RE movies are fine. Not outstanding, but perfectly fine.